Enbridge Line 5 Studies Delivered to State of Michigan

On June 29, Enbridge delivered to the state of Michigan various assessments evaluating technologies and actions aimed at safeguarding the environment and energy infrastructure. The assessments are part of the November 2017 agreement between Enbridge and the state of Michigan and will be used to help inform discussions on the future of Line 5 and energy infrastructure in Michigan.

The comprehensive studies provided to the state of Michigan addressed the following topics:
These assessments are the result of the coordinated efforts between Michigan-appointed experts, independent consultants and Enbridge.
On July 11, a public hearing on the application by Enbridge to place 48 anchors along Line 5 in the Straits of Mackinac will be held at Mackinaw Publics Schools, Mackinaw City, Michigan.
The CPA will continue to follow these developments concerning Enbridge Line 5 and update CPA members.