U.S. Fuel Delivery Companies Exempted from Hours of Service Legislation

Currently, several U.S. jurisdictions on the Eastern seaboard have exempted fuel delivery companies from the hours of service legislation for their truck drivers. Click here for more details.  

Considering the extreme cold weather, the CPA has been made aware this could be useful in Canada as well. The CPA is currently working with members to establish a process by which such an exemption could be warranted. We have sent a letter to the Ontario Minister of Transportation requesting an urgent meeting to discuss this issue. View letter here.
As a result of our work with the government, we received accurate media coverage about the distribution issues and a need for exempted hours of service for propane deliveries: Demand for propane in cold snap causes delays.
Is this something that is affecting you? If so, have you contacted your provincial government to discuss? Let us know. Contact Darren Cunningham at darrencunningham@propane.ca.