NB: Climate Change Legislation Introduced


On December 14, the Government of New Brunswick introduced legislation that would adopt the federal government’s intensity targets for large industrial emitters, requiring them to be among the cleanest in the country or pay to offset their pollution. 

The legislation sets out a modified hybrid carbon pricing system. Under this approach, the government would deliver the carbon levy aspect of the pricing, and Environment and Climate Change Canada would deliver the output-based performance standards for New Brunswick’s large emitters. There would be no new direct tax on consumers; instead, the government would redirect existing taxes on gasoline and diesel to fund programs that combat climate change. 

In 2018, 2.33 cents per litre of existing gasoline taxes and 2.76 cents per litre of existing diesel fuel taxes would be transferred to the Climate Change Fund, which would amount to about $37 million in the first year.

Click here for more information on the Climate Change legislation or contact Jean-Francois Duguay, Director, Government Relations, Quebec and Atlantic Canada, at jeanfrancoisduguay@propane.ca or 506.480.0275.