NB: Important Investments in Energy Efficiency

On December 4, the Government of New Brunswick announced that it would be investing up to $234 million over the next five years in energy efficiency programs for homes, businesses and public spaces that will aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create jobs and save money. 

These investments include up to $82 million from NB Power, up to $51 million from the federal government through the Low Carbon Economy Fund, and $101 million for energy retrofits and renewable energy upgrades in provincial government buildings. 

Additional incentives funded by the province and the federal government for energy efficiency in public buildings and homes that heat with non-electric sources will be announced in the coming weeks. The CPA will continue to work with the provincial government to ensure propane is included in its incentive programs. 

For more information on the investments in the province’s energy efficiency programs, visit the Government of New Brunswick website or contact Jean-Francois Duguay, Director, Government Relations, Quebec and Atlantic Canada, at jeanfrancoisduguay@propane.ca or 506.480.0275.