CPA Comments on Alternatives to Enbridge Line 5 Report

On December 19, the CPA filed comments pertaining to the release of a final report that examined alternatives to Enbridge Line 5, a critical link for transporting natural gas liquids – including propane – from their source to final markets in Michigan, Canada and surrounding U.S. states. 

The report, developed by Dynamic Risk Assessment Systems, was commissioned by the State of Michigan’s Department of Environment Quality. 

In its submission, the CPA commented on its support of a November 27 Agreement reached between Enbridge and the State of Michigan that lays out a path for addressing the future of Line 5. The Agreement increases collaboration and coordination between Michigan and Enbridge and contains key actions that move toward a long-term solution. The CPA believes the Agreement is an important development that will help to ensure the safe transportation of NGLs through the Line 5 corridor.

The CPA’s comments also supported the Report’s findings that Line 5 is part of an energy network that not only is pivotal to the quality of life most Michiganders enjoy, but to the region’s economic vitality as well.