BC Seminar & Golf Tournament

The 2017 BC Seminar and Golf Tournament was held on September 12 at the Fort Langley Golf Course in Langley, BC. Seminar guest speakers included: Nancy Borden, BC Committee Chair; Dan Kelly, CPA Board of Directors Chair, Nathalie St-Pierre, CPA President & CEO; Allan Murphy, CPA Vice-President, Government Relations; Gerald Thompson, Senior Director, Learning & Development, Propane Training Institute; Tony Scholl, Boiler Safety Manager, BCSA; Ron Herrington, Senior Safety Officer, Gas, BCSA; Donna Denny, ASA Safety Manager, BCSA; Steve Kraus, Worthington Cylinders; Jim Reddington, Marshall Excelsior; Chad Belbin, Hub International Insurance; and Blake Wallace, Corken Pumps. Photos are available on Flickr and presentations are on The Grid