Ontario Propane Volume Steady, Growing Against Other Fuels

The recently released Annual Energy Conservation Progress Report, published in August by the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, shows that from 2014 to 2015 propane use held steady in Ontario, while competing fuels saw a reduction in consumption. The report, titled Every Joule Counts, is Ontario’s only comprehensive public summary of energy conservation and efficiency. In the report, final numerical data is presented as of year-end 2015, as this is the most recent set of data currently available.

Despite a warmer than normal winter, propane use in Ontario held steady at 36 petajoules in 2015. One of propane’s key competitors in the rural heating market, heating oil, saw its use drop by around 11% (from 35 to 31 PJ). Natural gas use was down by 4% in 2015 (from 941 PJ in 2014 to 904 PJ in 2015). The reduction in natural gas use is partially attributed to energy conservation programs and the report raises the possibility that Ontario could set conservation targets for other fuel types, such as oil and propane.

Overall, Ontario’s energy use has remained relatively consistent from 2007 to 2015, largely due to energy efficiency improvements. Energy use did not increase despite 8% population growth and 17% economic growth (as measured by real gross domestic product). Thus, energy use per person has decreased by 7% and per dollar of gross domestic product has decreased by 15%. Total energy use in 2015 was 2509 petajoules.

The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO) is Ontario’s environmental watchdog, an independent officer of the Legislature.