CPA Files Budget Recommendations with House of Commons Finance Committee

On August 4, the CPA submitted its recommendations to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance as part of the Federal Government’s pre-budget consultations.

In a written brief to the Finance Committee, the CPA focused on four main recommendations:
  1. The Federal Government ensure Canadians have real fuel choice by including propane in Federal environment and energy programs.
  2. For homeowners, businesses and public institutions, a federal investment of $200 million towards the conversion from fossil fuels, such as diesel and furnace oil, to propane.
  3. A $75 million fund in recognition of the unique challenges faced by Indigenous and northern communities and the higher cost burdens they experience. This funding could be used to transition these remote communities, who are heavily dependent on heavy GHG emitting fossil fuels, to more environmentally friendly fuel options such as propane.
  4. To encourage auto propane conversions in Canada, the Federal Government introduce a $5,000 tax credit per vehicle for converting commercial fleets from traditional fossil fuels to low-emission propane.
Converting a vehicle to propane is approximately half the cost of converting a vehicle to natural gas in Canada. Installing a propane fuelling station will typically cost up to 95% less than a natural gas fuelling station (approximately $70,000 vs nearly $1,000,000, respectively).

Transportation creates about 25% of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in Canada. Propane’s low emissions and expansive network across the country can immediately reduce GHGs and transportation costs to consumers.

In September, the Clerk of the Finance Committee will be extending invitations to select individuals and groups to appear as witnesses before the committee during the pre-budget hearing. The CPA will be indicating its interest in appearing before the committee.

A full copy of the CPA pre-budget submission to the House of Commons Finance Committee can be found here.