Putting Our Canada Pants On

The CPA attended the Energy Council of Canada’s (ECC) Western Regional Forum on May 9 in Regina, SK. The event was comprised of four panels of speakers from across Canada to discuss pathways to clean energy by 2050.

The Hon. Dustin Duncan, Minister of Energy and Resources, SK, the Hon. Margaret McCuaig-Boyd, Minister of Energy, AB and the Hon. Cliff Cullen, Minister of Growth, Enterprise and Trade, MB participated in the ECC’s first panel. The discussion began with each minister addressing a shift to clean energy via the development of renewable energy resources (e.g., solar, wind and hydro) in each of their respective provinces.

Calgary Herald Business Columnist Deborah Yedlin moderated the panel discussion, where she questioned the ability of the western provinces, and ultimately Canada, to have coordinated policies on such issues as a carbon tax and moving electricity produced from low-carbon sources such as hydro dams across provincial boarders. Minister McCuaig-Boyd affirmed that we need to "put our Canada pants on" when it comes to identifying pathways to clean energy; the panel agreed the issue merited further discussion, but admitted negotiations may be difficult due to each province’s unique natural resources.

Other panel topics included energy transformation, climate policy, and a regional electricity grid. By the end of forum, attendees gained a better understanding about the regional differences and regulatory uncertainties that exist and which must be addressed to create a united and decarbonized energy supply for Canada.