CPA Participates in Natural Resources Canada Generation Energy Workshop

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) hosted its first Generation Energy Workshop in Regina, SK on May 8. NRCan says it created the Generation Energy forum to spur innovation, create jobs, and help decarbonize energy production and consumption in Canada.

NRCan’s Parliamentary Secretary Kim Rudd introduced the inaugural session by reiterating Canada’s commitment to a clean energy future. To identify key challenges of transitioning to a decarbonized energy environment, the 60 participants from across the energy sector divided into several working groups, which included: electrification, public confidence, affordability, energy efficiency, infrastructure renewal and Indigenous communities.

The CPA participated in the Indigenous community group, positioning propane as a versatile, transportable, and clean alternative fuel that could immediately impact remote and rural Indigenous communities currently running on diesel and oil. While discussions focused on renewable energy sources (solar, wind, and hydro), the group realized that a move to renewables would take time and capital, and recognized propane as a transitional fuel that would have an immediate positive environmental effect on these communities.  

For more information or to engage in the process, visit the Generation Energy website or contact Matt Haley, CPA Western Regional Manager at or 403-801-9111.