Working with Government to Develop Propane Opportunities

On May 3, CPA staff and members met with the Ontario Minister of Infrastructure, the Hon. Bob Chiarelli. Representing the propane industry were Nathalie St-Pierre, CPA President & CEO; Peter Maddox, CPA Ontario Regional Manager; Greg McCamus, President, Superior Plus Energy Group; and Dan Kelly, Chief Financial Officer, Dowler-Karn and CPA Board Vice-Chair.

Key topics discussed were subsidized natural gas expansion and opportunities for the propane industry to access funding to support propane customers across the province. Industry representatives also expressed their disappointment at the announcement of taxpayer funds for expansion of natural gas infrastructure. The CPA asked that future funding not be energy-specific, allowing consumers and communities to decide how best to invest in energy services.  

The Minister voiced an interest in programs to aid energy affordability and emissions reduction in rural, remote and Indigenous communities. The CPA will continue to work with the government to develop propane-specific program opportunities, including initiatives to move consumers off oil and diesel to propane.