Equivalency Certificate SH 11577 Renewed

At the request of the CPA, Transport Canada has renewed Equivalency Certificate SH 11577 (Ren. 2). Equivalency Certificate SH 11577 (Ren. 1) is hereby revoked and superseded by the new certificate.

The certificate authorizes the one-way transportation by road of tanks that do not comply with Part 5 of the TDG Regulations. Tanks containing more than 5% capacity of UN1075, LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GASES or PETROLEUM GASES, LIQUEFIED, Class 2.1 or UN1978, PROPANE, Class 2.1, are permitted to be transported to the nearest propane facility. Many of these tanks require servicing as part of the new CSA B51-14 requirements and cannot be safely emptied at customer locations. In SH 11577 (Ren.2), the maximum capacity of tanks that can be transported was increased from 466 L (123 USWG) to 1894 L (500 USWG).