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Equivalency Certificate SU 11577 (Ren. 4) Renewed

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At the request of the CPA, Transport Canada has renewed CPA Equivalency Certificate SU 11577 (Ren. 4) to add marine as an accepted mode of transport. Therefore, Equivalency Certificate SH 11577 (Ren. 3) is hereby revoked and superseded.
SU 11577 (Ren. 4)
This equivalency certificate authorizes the one-way transportation by road of storage tanks that do not comply with Part 5 (Means of Containment) of the TDG Regulations. Tanks containing more than 5% capacity of UN1075, LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GASES or PETROLEUM GASES, LIQUEFIED, Class 2.1, or UN1978, PROPANE, Class 2.1, are permitted to be transported to the nearest propane facility. All CPA equivalency certificates are available on the CPA website.

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