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January 2023


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The CPA initiated the inaugural National Propane Day on March 21 to bring attention to the many benefits of propane as an affordable, accessible and environmentally friendly energy source and its important role in our energy future.

Our goal is to raise the profile of propane with Canadian government officials at all levels as well as the general public. Our campaign will be focused on the following key messages:

  1. Propane is an affordable, accessible and low-emission Canadian energy source. It is #energyforall.
  2. Propane provides energy choice. In many communities, propane is an ideal and reliable source of primary or backup energy.
  3. Propane is advancing as a low-carbon energy: its carbon emissions can be further reduced through biopropane, rDME and hydrogen and even reach close to zero emissions with renewable propane.

As part of National Propane Day, the CPA Board of Directors is leading a ‘Propane on the Hill’ lobby day in Ottawa to meet with cabinet members, opposition leaders, other members of parliament and senators. This event provides the opportunity to deliver key messaging directly to politicians. 

We will be rolling out a communications and marketing strategy for National Propane Day as well as promotional material that we will be sharing with you as it becomes available to help promote propane and raise its profile.   

Three important ways you can get involved:

  1. Link to a template Letter to the Editor here and send it to your local newspaper
    To help deliver messaging about propane and educate Canadians and politicians, we have drafted a Letter to the Editor template for you to send to your local newspaper. Local papers are more apt to publish letters from residents and businesses that reside in their community.
  2. Contact your member of parliament and set up a meeting before March 21
    A key activity that increases the success of our advocacy efforts is developing relationships with your member of parliament. These meetings will support our efforts during Propane on the Hill. Leave them with the regional profile one-pager on how propane benefits your province. If you need assistance identifying your member of parliament, please contact SVP Government Relations Allan Murphy.
  3. Create your own social media posts or follow and repost us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
    We are developing a social media campaign comprised of short videos and posts to help publicize National Propane Day. These will begin to be rolled out within the next few weeks.

With us all working together, we can spread the word about how propane benefits Canada and why it must be reflected in federal policy. 


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