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May 2022

CPA celebrates the best of industry at 2022 Leadership Summit

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The CPA announced the winners of its top industry awards at its 2022 Leadership Summit on May 18 in Banff, AB. 

“These awards highlight the commitment and dedication of those who are making a difference to the ongoing success of the Canadian propane industry and communities,” said CPA President and CEO Shannon Watt. “These talented individuals and organizations are helping to create a safe and dynamic industry as well as serve the energy needs of future generations with sustainable solutions as we transition to a lower-carbon economy.” 

Due to the awards being cancelled during the pandemic, this year’s Lifetime Achievement and Health and Safety categories have been presented with two winners.


Two founding members of the Canadian Propane Association who made significant and consistent outstanding contributions to the advancement of the Canadian propane industry received the CPA’s top recognition, the Lifetime Achievement Award.

David Karn & Guy Marchand, recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award 2022

David Karn, president of family-owned Dowler Karn Limited, was celebrated for his years of dedication to the propane industry, working to continually improve the standards and safety of the industry. Like “rising waters lifts all boats”, he has spent decades participating on various boards and assisting and mentoring others to achieve success and exemplary safety standards. Through the creation of the Karn Family Fund, Dowler Karn has supported numerous charitable organizations. 

Guy Marchand, president of P38 Energy/Budget Propane, was honored for his more than 40 years of commitment to the propane industry, serving on several associations and representing the industry through presentations and committees over the years at both provincial and federal levels. Marchand is also a long-time member, former director and former chair of the Quebec Propane Association. 

The Health & Safety Award is given to leading initiatives by companies or individuals in the propane industry who demonstrate a successfully implemented new program or an improvement in an existing program to promote, support and enhance a healthy and safe workplace environment.

Howard August and KAG Canada are the recipients of the 2022 Health & Safety Award. August has been an advocate for the transport industry for over 40 years, influencing positive change through his partnerships with KAG’s customers and industry partners. KAG Canada carries out its vision to provide the safest and highest quality service through several programs they have implemented, including a Safety Bonus program whereby savings achieved on the company’s WCB rates and costs associated with return-to-work programs are passed on to employees.

Mike Mullins, National Director of Regulatory Fixed Assets for Superior Propane, also receives the 2022 Health & Safety Award. Mullins was one of the original advocates for the ongoing Pressure Relief Valve study and worked on the Environmental Emergency regulations alongside the CPA and industry participants. He was also tasked with ensuring Superior Propane was compliant with B51-14 and DOT regulations, completing over 100,00 tank exchanges/recertifications.

The 2022 Innovation Award, the only award that can be given to individuals/companies inside or outside of CPA membership that contributes to the advancement of the propane industry, has been presented to four individuals – the highest number that can be presented in one term.

Blackmer, a brand of PSG, a Dover company, developed the TLGLF3HD rotary vane pump to meet the demand for increased volume LPG delivery while accommodating centralized LPG storage from farm corporations and other consolidated businesses. Designed for medium-and-large-capacity bobtail trucks, the pump is a first mover in this market as no other bobtail provides this capacity.

Prins Autogassystemen and Westport Fuel Systems developed a universal solution for converting a wide variety of vehicles of the latest automotive technology with direct injection engines, thanks to their eco-friendly and efficient VSI-3 DI LPG system. The higher-performing system will allow more vehicles to be easily converted to run on auto propane.

RegO and Diversco developed the RTG2831 external valve that was designed for use as a primary relief valve on above-ground propane cylinders. The valve, which has been approved in Canada, provides a new option to the Canadian industry to save time and money and lessen the risk faced by the industry.

Lastly, Sleegers Engineered Products Inc.’s portable evacuation system provides a safe way to evacuate a motor vehicle tank to safely service the pump. It helps to protect human life, property and the environment. Its system eliminates risk, saves hours of time and recycles stranded fuel

The 2022 Propane Training Institute Trainer Award celebrates engaging and inspiring Propane Training Institute trainers, who are best in their class and achieve a level of excellence in the classroom. This year’s winner, Jean Maltais from Solugaz Inc., is the definition of respect for standards: he is methodical in his training and meets the rigorous standards of propane handling. Prior to the pandemic, Jean trained over 450 students in 2019, with an excellent success rate.

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