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May 2022

NEW – ON: Ontario election – key opportunities and threats for the propane industry

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In advance of the June 2, 2022, Ontario election, CPA members should be aware of party platform elements presenting opportunities and threats for the propane sector. 

The industry could benefit from many of the Progressive Conservative Party’s priorities, including better supply chain mobility through increased response support for illegal blockades. Ongoing investments in highway, mining and infrastructure projects will likely be powered by propane, and propane may also be used as primary or secondary power for rural and remote long-term care and hospital developments. A key challenge is the commitment to extend the Natural Gas Expansion Program for a third phase from the current two, which saw more than $360 million allocated for 59 “uneconomic” natural gas expansion projects, many located in areas served by propane. 

The New Democratic Party’s plan includes energy retrofit programs to lower residential and business electricity costs, expanding hydro capacity, and increasing affordable renewable energy options. They also mention moves to strengthen municipal government powers that could impact local propane businesses' operations vulnerable to council decisions.

The Ontario Liberal Party plans to provide all workers health benefits access, 10 paid sick days and the potential to build to a four-day work week.

As Ontario members encounter candidates seeking their endorsement during the campaign, the CPA encourages dialogue on issues top of mind for provincial propane providers, including:

  1. Lowering the cost of doing business through reduced regulatory fees and licence requirements.
  2. Promoting real energy choice by including propane in all economic development and retrofit programs.
  3. Acknowledging the vital role Canadian propane plays in provincial agricultural, industrial and community economic activity.
  4. Promoting the significant affordability, reliability and low-emission attributes of propane accessible right now.

For additional support on messaging to political candidates, please contact the Government Relations Director for ON, Marcelline Riddell.


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