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April 2022

UPDATE – Federal: Conservative bill to exempt farmers from paying tax on propane and natural gas

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MP Ben Lobb tabled a motion in the Commons on February 7 to amend the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act (qualifying farming fuel) to exempt farmers from paying the Liberal carbon tax on propane and natural gas used for farming operations.

Bill C-234 has support from other parties but will need another round of debate to move forward.

It provides farmers with relief by extending the exemptions to include grain drying and housing livestock. In January, the Parliamentary Budget Officer found that Bill C-234 will save farmers more than $1.1 billion over the next decade.

For farmers that have dealt with unpredictable weather conditions and global trade wars, this will be a much-needed relief and a necessary change for our farmers and producers, Lobb said. He added that a constituent's December natural gas bill for his hog barn was $11,391. "The carbon tax was $2,918, which is 25% of the base bill. When we throw the HST on, which is almost $1,500, 34% of the bill is for the carbon tax and HST.”

As previously noted, the CPA supports this bill and will continue its advocacy with federal parties to support the passage of this important legislation.


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