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September 2021

NEW – Federal: CPA pro-active during federal election

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During the recent federal election, the CPA continued its efforts to promote the propane advantage. In addition to a social media campaign (read story here), the CPA circulated a questionnaire to political parties. The objective was to create a profile for significant issues that affect or benefit the propane industry. The questionnaire included the following issues:

Helping Canadian homeowners reduce emissions while saving money: If elected, would your government amend the Canada Greener Homes Grant or introduce a new program that would include propane so that homeowners can have real choice in order to reduce their carbon footprint and save money?

Making the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act (GGPPA) cleaner: Would your government immediately introduce amendments to the GGPPA so low-emission propane receives the same exemptions as gasoline or diesel.

Immediate decarbonization of Indigenous and remote communities: Would your government take immediate steps to reduce the carbon footprint in Indigenous and remote communities by implementing a program that would facilitate the replacement of carbon intense diesel with low-emission propane?

Greener transportation for commercial fleets: Would your government facilitate the greening of commercial fleets by introducing tax credits for the conversion of commercial fleets from gasoline to low-emission propane and the replacement of diesel vehicles with those powered by propane?

Supporting continuation of Line 5 and ending rail disruptions: What steps would your government take, up to an including enforcing the 1977 agreement between Canada and the United States, in order to ensure that Line 5 continues? How would you ensure that rail transportation of a critical source of energy such as propane is deemed essential and not subject to arbitrary disruptions due to external factors?

Bringing Renewable Propane to Canada: What steps would your government take in conjunction with Canada’s propane industry to encourage the development of renewable propane in Canada?

Ensuring the right energy in the right place at the right time: How would you ensure that your government’s efforts to make Canada a cleaner healthier place to live would be truly comprehensive and include all low-emission options such as propane?

As part of the post-election advocacy, these issues will continue to be raised with Members of Parliament.


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