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August 2021

NEW – Federal: CPA submits recommendations in advance of the fall federal election

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On August 6, the CPA filed its prebudget submission to the House of Commons Finance Committee. Each year, the Finance Committee makes recommendations to the Minister of Finance based on submissions they receive from stakeholders such as industry groups, as well the general public.

Some of the recommendations included:

  • The government commits to amending the Canada Greener Homes Grant to include propane to support reductions in energy costs and GHGs in residential, commercial, agriculture and industrial applications by switching from heating oil to propane.
  • The government demonstrates its commitment to providing cleaner and healthier living conditions in Indigenous communities by funding the conversion of residential, public and commercial buildings from diesel/heating oil to propane.
  • The Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act (GGPPA) be adopted by the Senate to ensure that propane receives the same exemptions as any other energy sources used in agriculture, as outlined in Private Member’s Bill C-206 that passed in the House of Commons.
  • The government introduces tax credits to support the conversion of commercial fleets from gasoline to propane.
  • A national strategy be developed to incentivize the replacement of light- to medium-diesel vehicles (e.g., school buses) with auto propane.
  • The government supports research of renewable propane in Canada.

The submission, filed by CPA President and CEO Nathalie St-Pierre, also took the federal government to task for its ill-conceived push for the electrification of everything. St-Pierre noted that in the rush to electrify the country, what is often forgotten is that carbon-intense fuels such as coal and oil still provide a significant amount of the feedstock in several provinces and territories to generate electricity, which will increase GHGs. “Some Canadian provinces supported by federal funds to ‘electrify everything’ are likely, in fact, going to increase Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions.”

With the federal election now underway, the CPA will continue to make its voice heard. This will be done through the distribution of a questionnaire to the leaders of the major political parties and a very active social media campaign that will show the propane advantage. Be sure to follow the CPA on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

As an energy choice for all, propane checks all the boxes as an affordable and cleaner energy option that is available for all Canadians from coast to coast to coast.


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