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June 2021

Spring Cleaning is ending June 30, 2021 for old training material

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IMPORTANT REMINDER of our messaging dating January 2021: If you have older exams, PTI will not accept them after June 30, 2021, APART FROM THE EXCEPTIONS LISTED.


The CPA/PTI will not issue certificates for exams that are outdated. For example, if the course material has undergone a major revision, changing from version #3 to version #4, the version #3 of the exam will no longer be accepted. However, if it is a minor revision, changing from version #4.2 to version #4.3 for instance, the exam will be accepted unless otherwise specified.

For example, the current version for the course Propane Pump Attendant - 100-01 is #4.3 (January 2021).

If you are using any exam versions of the #4.0 series they will be honoured (this includes #4.1, #4.2 and #4.3). But anything starting with the  major number 3.0 or earlier will no longer be accepted (this means any exam versions starting with version #2 or #3).

The information related to the updates is sent directly to you via emails titled MANUAL CHANGE REPORT – DATE. The changes, except when they relate to exams, are reported at the end of each manual. Changes to manuals result in a change in the version number, minor or major, unless specified. It is your responsibility to ensure trainees always have the most recent training material and exams. 

 We are asking that you upgrade the courses and exam materials to the latest version.

It is important to comply, as many of these updates have been required because of regulatory or technology changes.

Please review all your course materials and exams with the current version list before conducting the training.

Current exam versions are available in the Document Centre of your profile. To use them you must purchase the manuals and use the access keys for the exam. 

The list of PTI courses and current version number is available here. The list is also available in your profile, in the Document Centre in the All Trainers category (965-20-CDNE_LIST-V1.0).

Thanks for your attention to this and if you have any questions, please reach out to


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