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June 2021

Propane has significant advantage over other fuels when it comes to public fuelling stations

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On behalf of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), ICF has been conducting a review of alternative fuelling stations located in its Alternative Fuelling Stations Locator.

For those of you who have fuelling stations, you may have received a call from ICF requesting updated information. They were also requesting additional information on the maximum vehicle class the station can serve. The vehicle classes are broken down as passenger vehicles (class 1-2), medium-duty vehicles (class 3-5), and heavy-duty vehicles (class 6-8). 

The CPA also worked with ICF to support this effort to secure updated information. We thank members for working with us as well as with ICF to provide this important information. Through this work, stations are tracked by fuel type, demonstrating that propane has a big advantage over other alternative energy sources, excluding electric (with 6,106 charging stations). Currently there are 626 public propane fuelling stations in Canada. Next in line is CNG – 37, hydrogen – 5, LNG – 5 and biodiesel – 3, ethanol – 0.


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