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February 2021

UPDATE – ON: CPA engages Rural Municipalities Association in seasonal load proposal

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As members operating in Ontario are well aware, propane fuel trucks are restricted in the roads they travel during specific periods in the spring under the Highway Traffic Act, 1990, (HTA) seasonal load regulations (Chapter 8, section 122). See citation below.

This issue remains ongoing despite last season’s exemption for south Ontario roads provided by government to accommodate essential service deliveries during the pandemic. To expand outreach efforts on this file, CPA ON Government Relations Director, Marcelline Riddell, met with Rural Municipalities Association (ROMA) Director of Membership, Petra Wolfbiess, on February 3, 2021 to brief her on the issue and propose a mitigation strategy for ROMA’s review and support.

Riddell outlined the current restrictions of this regulatory regime for propane fuel suppliers emphasizing that the HTA is significantly outdated and not reflective of modern fleet make-up or consumer purchasing priorities and patterns.

She also stressed that ongoing pandemic conditions mean that more people are working from home, many in rural areas, and therefore the demand for propane fuel may be greater than ever this spring, making mitigation measures most urgent.

Riddell proposal a viable weight limit increase for three axle trucks to help meet consumer demand while maintaining municipal infrastructure. Specifically:

  • An increased weight per axle of 6,700kg for three-axle trucks. This would be a manageable minimum weight during the reduced load period. 

Wolfbiess committed to contacting her infrastructure colleagues and other ROMA staff to brief them on the proposal and advise CPA of the best route to further this discussion in the near future. 

Riddell will keep members updated on any news with respect to advancing this issue. When the reduced load period begins, please alert her to any tickets issued at this time at                                                                                                                                

Legislative Citation - Reference: Highway Traffic Act, R.S.O. 1990, CHAPTER H.8


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