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February 2021

NEW – MB: CPA submits 2021 budget recommendations

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On February 1, 2021, the CPA provided the Manitoba government with its 2021 budget recommendations which highlight the benefits of propane.

The theme of the Manitoba government’s plan, Manitoba’s Protect the Environment and Deliver Green Opportunities, speaks to the importance of creating jobs and diversifying its economy while balancing the need to lower the province’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Propane offers immediate opportunities to create jobs, diversify the economy, reduce emissions, and provides an affordable energy choice to Manitoba. As such, the CPA’s recommendations to the finance minister are as follows:

Recommendation 1: That the Manitoba government commit itself to homeowners, businesses, institutions, manufacturers, farmers, ranchers, and industries who wish to reduce both energy costs and GHGs by switching from furnace oil or diesel to low-emission propane. This can be done through an investment in rebates over a three-year period, beginning in the upcoming fiscal year. 

Recommendation 2: That the Manitoba and federal government work collaboratively to provide cleaner and healthier living conditions in Indigenous communities by funding over a three-year period, beginning in the upcoming fiscal year, for the conversion of residential, public and commercial buildings in Indigenous communities from diesel/furnace oil to low-emission propane.

Recommendation 3: That over a three-year period beginning in the upcoming fiscal year, the Manitoba Government commit tax credits (up to $5,000 per commercial vehicle) towards the replacement (diesel) or conversion (gasoline) of light to medium-sized diesel and gas commercial fleets to vehicles powered by low-emission propane. 

Recommendation 4: The Manitoba government implement the same provisions for renewable propane production as it uses to promote hydrogen development and to look to become a net user and net exporter in renewable propane, an ultra low-emission fuel by 2030. Putting Manitoba on the global renewable propane map now as this energy source is beginning to gain prominence, will be crucial for Manitoba to be at the forefront of future changes in energy.


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