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October 2020

Trainers - Training gathering rules under COVID-19

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Provinces continue to adjust their limitation gatherings across Canada. Physical distancing is recommended in all gatherings, and in most cases face masks, are recommended where distancing cannot be maintained.

Please refer to CPA's Best practices recommended during COVID-19 - Measures for Reopening your Retail Operations, produced to assist you in hosting a training session during COVID-19. 

British Columbia

Inside bubble – includes members of your immediate household

Outside your bubble – 6 people maximum

Public gatherings – 50 maximum




Private gatherings in homes – 10 from no more than 3 households

A distance of 2 metres between people is required.

A a distance of 1.5 metres between people is allowed in places where people are seated, are relatively stationary and do not talk much or at all.

Indoor activities - 50 people maximum, excluding places of worship which is permitted up to 250.

Areas with orange alert level:

Private gatherings in homes – Maximum 6 people OR 2 families. (2 families exceeding 6 people is authorized).

Public location gatherings (indoor and outdoor) – Maximum 25 people excluding places of worship which is permitted up to 250 people.


New measures for Calgary and Edmonton only - applies only to social gatherings and not to structured events such as training:

15 person limit on social and family gatherings where people are mixing and mingling.

Voluntary - limit cohorts to 3 - your core household, your school, and one other sport or social cohort.

All other areas:

Indoor social gatherings – 50 people maximum

Audience-type community outdoor events – 200 maximum

Outdoor events and indoor seated/audience events – 100 maximum

*NO cap on the number of people for: worship gatherings, resaurants, cafes, lounges, bars, casinos and bingo halls.



Prince Edward Island

Personal gatherings:  Indoors - 15

Outdoors - 20 


Large organized gatherings - 50

For indoor and outdoor facilities with separate rooms or large spaces that can accommodate more than one gathering at a time, multiple gatherings to a maximum of 150 people are allowed.



Extended household groups – 15 (includes three to five families or friends who remain consistent to the group)

Indoor – 30

Outdoor – 30

*The total number of people participating in a worship gathering cannot exceed 30 per cent of seating capacity or 150 people, whichever is less.

New Brunswick

Household bubble - extended to close family and friends

Uncontrolled indoor and outdoor gatherings: 50

Except Campbellton region: limit contact to a single household bubble plus caregivers and immediate family members


Winnipeg metropolitan region only:

Maximum gathering size: 5

The maximum occupancy of personal service businesses is limited to 50 per cent of their usual occupancy or one person for each 10 square metres of the premises that is open to the public, whichever is less.

All other areas:

Indoor – 50

Outdoor – 100

Larger group sizes will be allowed where participants can be separated into distinct groups that remain separate and where each distinct group remains under the limits above.

Nova Scotia

Gathering limit without social distancing – 10 people

Gathering limit with social distancing for social events – 50 people maximum indoors and outdoors

Indoor gathering limit with social distancing for social events – 50% of the venue's capacity (up to 200 people maximum indoors)

Outdoor gathering limit with social distancing for social events – 250 people maximum

Gathering limit for businesses and organizations that can’t maintain a physical distance of 2 metres (6 feet) because their physical space is too small – 10 customers or clients maximum without social distancing (keep as much social distancing as possible)


Ontario has reduced its indoor and outdoor public and private gatherings but the reduced numbers should not affect the size of training classrooms because they apply only to private social gathering numbers. 

The new limit on the number of people allowed to attend an unmonitored private social gathering across the province is:

Indoor: 10
Outdoor: 25

Newfoundland & Labrador

Extended bubble - Up to 6 people can be added to an existing double bubble.

Distanced gatherings run by a recognized business or organization are expanded to 100 people as long as physical distancing can be maintained, with restrictions. 

Distanced gatherings that are not run by a recognized business or organization (like a family event in the backyard) are permitted for up to 50 people as long as physical distancing can be maintained, with restrictions.






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