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July 2020

UPDATE: Trainers - keep updated on changing gathering limitations across Canada

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As provinces begin to further open up across Canada, the size of groups for indoor and outdoor public and private gatherings are being adjusted.To assist you in determining if you are able to host a training session, and under what conditions, please consult the updated group numbers below.

In most gatherings - except the family bubble or social circle - a distance of two metres must be maintained and face masks are recommended where social distancing cannot be maintained.

Please refer to CPA's Best practices recommended during COVID-19 - Measures for Reopening your Retail Operations, produced to assist you in hosting a training session during COVID-19. 

British Columbia

Inside bubble – includes members of your immediate household

Outside your bubble – 6 people maximum

Public gatherings – 50 maximum



Private gatherings in homes – 10

Public gatherings – indoor and outdoor gatherings of up to 50 people are allowed in some public places. As in other circumstances, a distance of 2 metres between people is required.

A a distance of 1.5 metres between people is allowed in “places where people are seated, are relatively stationary and do not talk much or at all"



Indoor social gatherings – 50 people maximum

Audience-type community outdoor events – 200 maximum

Outdoor events and indoor seated/audience events – 100 maximum

*NO cap on the number of people for: worship gatherings, resaurants, cafes, lounges, bars, casinos and bingo halls.



Prince Edward Island

Personal gatherings - 15 indoor and 20 outdoor

Large organized gatherings - 50

For indoor and outdoor facilities with separate rooms or large spaces that can accommodate more than one gathering at a time, multiple gatherings to a maximum of 100 people are allowed. 


Extended household groups – 15 (includes three to five families or friends who remain consistent to the group)

Indoor – 30

Outdoor – 30

*The total number of people participating in a worship gathering cannot exceed 30 per cent of seating capacity or 150 people, whichever is less.

New Brunswick

Household bubble - extended to close family and friends

Outdoor – 50


Indoor – 50

Outdoor – 100

*These limits also apply to social gatherings, worship, weddings and funerals, as well as pow wows and other Indigenous cultural and spiritual events.



Indoor – 75

Outdoor – 250

Nova Scotia

Gathering limit without social distancing – 10 people

Gathering limit with social distancing for social events – 50 people maximum indoors and outdoors

Indoor gathering limit with social distancing for social events – 50% of the venue's capacity (up to 200 people maximum indoors)

Outdoor gathering limit with social distancing for social events – 250 people maximum


Regions in Stage 3:
Indoor: 50
Outdoor: 100

Regions in Stage 2:
Indoor and outdoor - 10

Religious gatherings – 30% of building capacity

Social circles to be kept to a maximum of 10 people province-wide, regardless of stage.

Newfoundland & Labrador

Extended bubble – Up to 6 people can be added to an existing double bubble

Outdoor gatherings – up to 50 people





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