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July 2020

Environmental Emergency Plan Reminders

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Schedule 4 must be submitted within 12 months of meeting reporting requirements, indicating your Environmental Emergency (E2) plan is fully implemented and that all implicated staff are trained and aware of their roles.

This means that if you submitted a new notice when the revised E2 regulations came into effect in August 2019, you must submit your Schedule 4 by August 24, 2020.

A small-scale or tabletop exercise must be held within 12 months of submitting Schedule 4.

After a large-scale exercise is held (within five years), Schedule 5 must be submitted and the previous annual (small-scale or tabletop) exercises with it. All documents must be retained for seven years.

As summer is a tough time to organize training and tabletops, notice should go out well in advance to give time for planning exercises. During this time, consider virtual tabletops to ensure the safety of your stakeholders while remaining compliant with government regulations.

Seems like a lot to remember?

ERAC has annual maintenance plans where they do all the management of your E2 program, so that you can focus on your core work.

ERAC can also assist by creating an E2 plan and supplementary materials, doing a review audit, or running annual drills and exercises to meet the requirements of your E2 plan.

These plans meet all regulatory requirements and start at about $2,200; the price goes up from there, depending on what options you choose.

For more information, contact Don Merriam, Emergency Response Planning Manager, at or 514-714-1075.


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