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July 2020

UPDATE - ON: CPA prevails with Ontario Energy Board

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On July 6, 2020 the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) issued a long-overdue response to the CPA’s complaint of June 2019 regarding Enbridge Gas’ practices of providing natural gas in Fenelon Falls. The CPA complaint asserted that Enbridge engaged in misleading and unfair marketing practices in project implementation.

The OEB found that:

  • Enbridge gave 50 meters of free pipe to about 200 customers, in violation of their approved connection policy and rate order, which requires them to give 20 m free and then charge $32/m after that.
  • The $94,000 approximate cost will be fully funded by all Fenelon Falls area natural gas customers.
  • Despite this violation, the OEB will not take any action against Enbridge because (i) there was “some debate” about whether this was allowed, which was only clarified in a September 2019 Board decision, and (ii) Enbridge has promised not to do so again.
  • The consumer complaint about Enbridge’s failure to disclose the true costs of converting to natural gas has been responded to directly by the OEB and that response will not be shared with the CPA.

The CPA is considering options provided by legal counsel in response to the OEB report. Members will continue to be updated on the CPA’s course of action with respect to this issue.


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