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June 2020

NEW: Online solutions for you and your trainees

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The Propane Training Institute (PTI) is pleased to deliver an additional online solution to its certified trainers. With this initiative, PTI will no longer require trainers to:

  • Complete the training summary sheet and

Send a trainee’s certificate by mail or email

To do this, we ask that you communicate with all your trainees in order to provide them with instructions to create their profile in our system. This will generate a student identification number.

PLEASE NOTE: As a Trainer, you have both profiles in our system, therefore you do not need to create a Trainee profile. If you access your profile, you will now see, on the first page, that your Trainee ID is the ID number. For example, ID: 12345 (also Trainee ID number).

It is only when your trainees create their profile that you will be able to access this service.

To access the online solution, you simply need to send all your trainees the model letter we have created for you (located at the end of this message).

Don’t forget – every time you have a new trainee, you must require that he or she creates a profile.

Please note that if you do not require your trainees to obtain their ID#, starting now, you WILL BE REQUIRED to complete the training session summary sheet AND write the trainee’s name, company name and email address of the trainee.

Effective July 1, 2020, unless the ID# OR all the required information is filled in, PTI will not issue a certificate until it is done.

It is, therefore, your responsibility but mostly to your advantage, to ensure that trainees obtain and communicate their ID# to you.

MUST DO: Ask your trainees to create their profiles

It is easy.

  1. Send them a copy of the model letter below which will lead them to create their profile and obtain their ID#.
  2. Ask them to provide you with their ID#.
  3. Make sure they use it on their exams.

You are training and someone does not have his or her ID#? It is easy to fix: the registration form can be completed from a cell phone, a tablet or any computer.

No internet? No problem: the learner can do it after the training session and send it to you so that you can add it on the exam.

Remember, effective July 1, 2020, PTI will refuse to issue trainees’ certificates as long as trainers have not entered all the required information OR the ID#.

What this means for you

Moving forward, and prior to organizing your next training sessions, we ask that you require your trainees to create their profile with the Canadian Propane Association / Propane Training Institute.

As a trainer, you will need to make sure that this ID# is written on the exam.

We ask you to verify that the trainee has indicated their ID# on all exams you will be sending us.


A trainee ID# will:

  • Allow PTI to link trainees to your trainer’s profile.
  • Allow each trainee to directly access their training certificates.
  • Allow each trainer to follow their trainees, their certificates, expiration dates and exams in his or her trainer’s profile.

Remember: with this ID#, PTI will no longer require you to:

  • Complete the training summary sheet.
  • Send your trainee’s certificate by mail or email.
  • Be sure to ask your trainees to use their ID# for every training session.

Please note the following important information:

  • When a trainee profile is created in the system, the individual may have an already existing training record. When this occurs, PTI will validate and synchronize this existing information with the trainee’s profile.
  • Any training sessions completed from October 2019 until present will be included in the trainee profile.
  • If you wish to obtain access to training records/certificates prior to October 2019, please contact PTI directly.

All training certifications going forward will be captured within this database for trainee and trainer access.

Access to the model letter

The model letter can be viewed here.


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