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December 2018

And the survey says...!

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The CPA sent out a Readership Survey last summer to gain a better understanding of how the association is currently meeting members’ needs and what we can do to improve our services. 
We are on the right track! Highlights from the survey:
Importance placed on CPA communications (Important / very important): 
  • Energized – 70%
  • RA newsletter – 92% 
  • PA newsletter – 81% 
  • Propane website – 84% 
Quality of content in CPA communications (good or excellent content):
  • Energized – 77%
  • RA newsletter – 91%
  • PA newsletter – 87%
  • Propane website – 84%
Some topics that CPA members would like to see in CPA communications include: 
  • Fleet safety and compliance
  • Auto propane
  • Emerging markets 
  • Propane pricing trends
  • Funding opportunities
  • Health & safety and regulatory changes/updates
  • Transportation and storage
  • Market outlook
  • Political climate in Canada/provinces and impact on industry, including the role propane can play in energy policy and environmental impacts
  • Carbon tax implications, refinery updates
  • 91% use CPA website for technical information (e.g., propane facts, safety, regulations)
  • 69% are interested in attending webinars hosted by CPA
  • 59% are active on social media (Facebook 89%, LinkedIn 65%)
  • What respondents would say to prospective members regarding the benefits of CPA:
    • Excellent networking opportunity with customers/suppliers
    • CPA provides access to key information of value to industry
    • Most reliable source of regulatory and general propane knowledge and facts available to Canadians
A big thank you to all who participated in the CPA Readership Survey – including our survey winner Greg Whyte (see next story)! Your voice and feedback help us to improve our communication services and better meet your needs. 

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