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September 2018

CPA files pre-budget submission in advance of 2019 federal budget

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In its August 2 pre-budget submission to the House of Commons Finance Committee, the CPA advocated that the expanded use of propane will provide for a cleaner environment for Canadians as well as stimulate job creation. The association said this can be achieved through funding and incentivizing Canadians to switch to low-emission propane.
CPA President & CEO Nathalie St-Pierre noted in the submission that the theme of this year’s pre-budget consultations, Economic Growth: Ensuring Canada’s Competitiveness, comes at very important time, given both the challenges and the opportunities that are present in the Canadian economy today. Being responsible to the environment, in combination with increased prosperity and competitiveness, can go hand-in-hand, and in that regard, the propane industry checks all the boxes.
St-Pierre highlighted observations from the recent report conducted by The Conference Board of Canada that examined the propane market in Canada and the positive impact the expanded use of propane can have for Canadians. She noted from the report that, "Propane is a readily available energy source with infrastructure already in place. From an environmental perspective, the expanded use of propane can reap immediate results in Canada’s efforts to reduce GHG emissions… Propane is a versatile, multi-purpose fuel that is highly portable, clean burning and non-toxic. In Canada, supply is abundant and an expansive infrastructure exists to make it readily available and competitively priced.”
The CPA made three recommendations to the Finance Committee in which the expanded use of propane can make a significant impact in lowering GHGs, create jobs and provide for healthier communities:
  • Improve air quality in Indigenous communities that are still reliant on diesel by switching to propane.
  • Incentivize homeowners in Canada to switch from heating oil to propane, thereby reducing costs for many homeowners as well as reducing GHG emissions, and;
  • Provide incentives that would fund the conversion of thousands of commercial vehicles in Canada from traditional fossil fuels to propane.
St-Pierre added that, "The recommendations the CPA has submitted for consideration comprise just a fraction of what we believe can be accomplished immediately by the increased use of propane. We hope the government is willing to look at propane fuel for what it is – an immediate solution to reduce GHGs while simultaneously maintaining and growing jobs in Canada.”
The CPA hopes to have the opportunity to present its recommendations directly to Finance Committee members during the upcoming hearings later this year. The CPA submission, like others from a wide range of organizations, industries and interest groups, will be considered by the Finance Committee before it makes its recommendations to the Finance Minister later this fall.
CPA’s full submission to the House of Commons Finance Committee is available on The Grid.

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