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February 2018

ON: Opportunity for Waiver Due to Extreme Weather Conditions

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The CPA has been working with the federal and provincial governments during this period of extreme weather conditions on the possibility of obtaining a waiver to the Hours of Service regulation (Ontario Regulation 555/06) for member companies that may require one. Propane delivery in parts of Ontario has bottlenecked due to a recent period of extreme cold weather combined with treacherous driving conditions, road closures, and trains running with smaller loads that are causing backlogs.

The CPA met with Jim Kirchner from the MTO who confirmed that Section 3.4 and 3.4.1 can be referenced for carriers to request a limited time waiver from Ontario Regulation 555/06: Hours of Service. For information on how to apply for a waiver, members can view Opportunity for Waiver – Ontario Hours of Service on the Grid.
The CPA will continue working at the federal level to establish a permanent process and will look into other provincial jurisdictions, such as Québec, for the same opportunity.  
For any questions on this issue or the application for waiver, please contact Darren Cunningham, Director of Government Relations, West at  or  403-801-9111.


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