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63rd Annual Food Shippers of America Conference Sponsors for 2018 include:

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Read all about it...your 63rd annual conference agenda is here! 

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With the rise in trucking costs, many trucking operators are renegotiating for higher contract rates.

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Transport Topics

Blockchain technology could help transportation companies reduce costs by make bookkeeping easier, among other applications, experts say.

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Food companies have cited increasing transportation costs as a reason for lower profit margins in the last quarter of 2017.

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Freight Waves

The Food Safety Modernization Act is having an impact on how food shippers are insured.

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Burris Logistics
Burris Freight Management, a business line of Burris Logistics — provider of customized supply chain solutions — announced that it has acquired Iowa-based, Streamline Logistics. Learn how we can offer you more options in transportation solutions.
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Experts are expecting freight rates to remain high throughout 2018.

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Freight Waves

December's ELD mandate has already begun to result in higher food prices.

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Aljex Joins Global Leader in Logistics Technology
Aljex Software, Inc.
Descartes has worked with Aljex for years to provide end-to-end solutions for the freight broker community in North America. The acquisition integrates the market leading Aljex TMS into the Descartes Global Logistics Network, providing customers with improved shipment tracking and carrier capacity.
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