Go PacMoore and the Million Meal Movement

Donating the labor and production line time, PacMoore is joining in on the Million Meal Movement by creating and donating 100,000 pouches of Rice Soy casserole mix to feed hungry families throughout Indiana.


Thank you to all our members for your support!


Food Engineering
Increasing government regulations concerning manufacturing, labeling, and traceability, not to mention increased competition and narrowing margins, are driving organizations to embrace automation and the industrial internet of things (IIoT) to better manage ROI and business viability.

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CCJ News
Drivers' input regarding how truck parking availability information is being disseminated is being sought by the American Transportation Research Institute. ARTI began surveying drivers at the Mid-American Trucking Show in Louisville, KY, in March and is continuing to gather data from drivers online as part of their research into better information delivery methods.


FoodBev Media
U.S. authorities have called on the leafy greens supply chains to adopt new technologies in the wake of an E coli outbreak across North America in late 2018. From October to December, 2018, 63 people were infected with E coli thought to have originated in romaine lettuce. No deaths were reported, though 25 people were hospitalized and two developed kidney failure.


Transport Topics News
In response to President Donald Trump's continued threats to close the southern boarder, companies are rushing to get as much cargo across as possible beforehand, a move that is causing huge delay times for trucks hauling from Mexico to the United States.


Look at Me Now
The Protective Packaging for Shipping Market 2019 analysis report has been released. The report gives a comprehensive analysis of various market factors including market size, market share by the competitor, drivers, restraints and company profiles with forecasts through 2024 for the global market. 


Food Engineering
Consumer interest in diverse product selection, healthy food and easier meal prep has caused a widening array of new SKUs in food manufacturers' chilled and frozen formats. Continued increased demand of cold storage in older facilities makes automation difficult.


For many Venezuelans suffering from severe shortages of food and medicine in their home country, the monthly care packages are a lifeline as Venezuelan ex-pats living in Florida and a Miami shipping company work to get supplies through an unstable political storm.  

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Supply Chain Dive
Although the global meal kit market hit $2.5 billion in 2017, the product packaging has yet to be more refined as ecologically sound. Otter, a company best known for its heavy-duty cell phone cases, has created the Liviri reusable shipping container, designed with built-in insulation to eliminate the need for ice packs, dry ice or the single-use plastic currently in use.


Supply Chain Drive
A new barge use project will assist with truck traffic around the Hunts Point Food Distribution Center – home to massive produce, meat and fish markets that supply businesses in New York City and beyond.There are groups arguing that truck traffic could increase at points within the city where the barge traffic transfers to the road and have asked the mayor's office to perform a traffic impact study. 

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At Burris Logistics, your business is as important to us as our own. We listen to you, learning from our customers and the industries we serve to collaborate on the best solutions for your end-to-end supply chain needs.
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64th Annual Food Shippers of America conference sessions can be accessed via our website under Past Events or click here to access the 2019 Conference Session Data

Topics include hiring and compensation, shipper/carrier relationships, fuel and freight efficiencies and an economic update and analysis for the coming year. 


Click here to enjoy your 2019 Conference Photo Gallery from the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa. 

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Food Dive
Although companies are prioritizing growing their portfolios through obtaining local assets, the pace of purchasing companies is slowing down. Last year was the second highest year for M&A in the last decade, but it was also the first decrease in the number of deals since 2015.

A Fresh Approach to Food Shipping
Tucker Company Worldwide, Inc.
Planning your food delivery in the most economical and quickest transit time possible allows you to keep your food products at their best. Tucker specializes in arranging your freight according to your needs, contracting with a select group of carriers, and applying our innovative “forensic dispatch” approach to strive for the safe, seamless and on-time delivery of your product.
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