K&B Transportation Announces an Increase in Driver Pay

K&B Transportation takes a very unique approach with our company driver compensation. We guarantee our company drivers 2,500 paid miles per week. Essentially, at K&B Transportation if you do not run 2,500 miles in a given week, we will pay you the difference. This gives our drivers the comfort of a solid weekly paycheck, week in and week out, regardless of miles. No other carrier offers this type of stability to its drivers.  

It gets even better now, because on Monday April 28, 2014, all K&B Transportation OTR drivers received a $0.03 increase in their base mileage pay, based on seniority. Here is the new pay scale: 

Seniority Bracket Effective 4/28/14 
0-6 Months .41 Mile 
6 mos to 1 yr .42 Mile 
1 yr to 2 yrs .43 Mile 
Over 2 yrs .44 Mile 

Industry wages have been flat for drivers for the past three years. K&B Drivers have worked hard at delivering freight safely and on-time, and to put their best foot forward in customer service. Now, contrary to what our competitors are doing, we are putting additional money in drivers' pockets. When implemented, this represents more than a 7% increase in wages, or nearly $4,000 more annually. 

A combination of good driver performance on a day to day basis and rate assistance from our shippers has enabled K&B to bring this increased pay package to our valued drivers. 

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