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Aspen Logistics, Inc.’s Oakland California Warehouse Receives Organic Certification

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Oakland, CA. 12.20.11 Ė Aspen Logistics, Incís Northern California campus in the city of Oakland was recently certified to warehouse organic products.  Aspen Logistics is a third-party logistics provider (3PL) who operates the supply chains of many global and domestic manufacturers.  Their Oakland campus contains refrigerated space that serves as a staging point for customersí inventories bound for Asian and northwestern markets.  The certification allows the warehouse to store organic products in compliance with the strict regulations that come with this designation.  The Oakland facility specializes in consumable products such as foods, candies and pharmaceuticals.
Consumer demand has been driving manufacturers to increase their organic selection of products.  This demand has reached the supply-chain, driving 3PLs like Aspen to accommodate those productís needs.  Aspen felt that the time was right to make an investment into organic certification for Oakland.  For the foreseeable future, consumer demand for such products will not die-down.  This certification opens up new opportunities for customers with organic products who are looking for a gateway into the west.  With its close proximity to the port of Oakland and major road/railway arteries, the campus puts inventories in accessible reach of some of the biggest markets in United States. 
Aspenís campus applied for certification through Organic Certifiers, a certifying service that ensures organic integrity of production throughout the entire chain of custody.  The certification consists of an initial document review and on-site inspection.  Aspen put together an analysis to determine what additional modifications were needed to allow the facility to qualify.  After the certificate from Organic Certifiers was received, Aspen registered with the State of California.  The warehouse is now officially recognized as able to handle or process processed products "sold as organic."
For additional information, please contact Christopher Ticknor, Aspenís marketing firector, or call Aspen (800) 741-7360.

Aspen Logistics Inc., a top 100 third party logistics firm in business for more than 30 years, operates approximately 2 million square feet of modern refrigerated and ambient warehouse facilities along with their own fleet of trucks.  Aspen specializes in a variety of value-added services, including co-packing, pick pack, just-in-time inventory management and time sensitive custom deliveries.  

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