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If you are reading this, you are an expert in your field, the top of your class, all-knowing in all things listed in your Curriculum Vitae. But does knowledge and expertise alone make the expert? The groundwork is laid, and you are ready to embark on your expert journey. But do you really know how to manage your business when it comes to retention agreements, deposition scheduling, document management, proper attorney-expert (and attorney staff-expert) communications? Are you sure you have included all required elements in your expert report, and are positive it will stand up in court? Do you have the properly trained staff to handle the daily volume and manage your billing? So many more questions, but so little space here to cover it all. What I can offer in this space are a few key points and lessons learned from other experts and through my own experience in the management of my expert clients’ caseloads and billing.


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Joseph A Perry P.E. has over 41 years experience. He is both a licensed Professional Electrical Engineer in California and Hawaii, and an Electrical Contractor in California. His multiple licenses require design, installation experience, and extensive knowledge of the National Electrical Code and construction. This practical foundation of electrical knowledge was primarily gained through working in the Electrical Trade and owning/operating a Design Build Electrical Contracting business. Joseph’s hands-on background in electrical design, project management, cost estimating, and field construction work, gives him a unique perspective that few engineers have. Being both an Electrical Engineer and Electrical Contractor brings a unique perspective to the investigation of cases.

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A conference for experts of all types and specialties, those aspiring to be experts, and those supporting experts with the aim of education that helps professionals located anywhere to become better expert witnesses.

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Industry News

A federal judicial panel tasked with developing rules governing what evidence can be presented at trial on Friday voted to advance a proposed rule that corporate defense lawyers say would make it harder for expert witnesses to present what they call "junk" scientific testimony.

As an expert witness or consultant, you advise attorneys on technical issues in their cases and present your findings and analysis of these issues to a jury in the courtroom. As you perform your role, it’s good to have a basic understanding of the different phases of a lawsuit. Insights into the legal process and procedures will help you see your role in the larger context of a lawsuit. Understanding the process equips you to enhance your expert witness participation and performance. 

It appears we’re poised to see some changes to Federal Rule of Evidence section 702 for the first time since the 2000 amendments. In an excellent article published by Butler Weihmuller Katz Craig LLP, attorney Scott Hefner provided an excellent history of FRE 702 and a summary of the proposed amendments which if adopted by the Supreme Court, will go into effect in 2023.

Many civil claims go to court because of disputes over whether harm occurred or how it was caused. Yet some claims are filed even though answers to these questions are fairly clear. Instead, the parties in damages claims may be at odds over questions about the effect or magnitude of the harm done. They may dispute whether or to what extent one party should compensate the other. These are questions about damages.

Expert witnesses are effective when they base opinions on an objective assessment of evidence that both supports and refutes their opinions. As is true of all humans, objectivity is an ideal that expert witnesses must struggle to achieve. People view facts through the lens of experience. Experience is the product of outside influences that inevitably introduce bias and alter perceptions. Bias explains why two expert witnesses can apply the same methodology to the same facts and arrive at different expert opinions. Bias can infect opinions in ways that expert witnesses might not recognize.

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A conference for experts of all types and specialties, those aspiring to be experts, and those supporting experts with the aim of education that helps professionals located anywhere to become better expert witnesses.
Jun 2022
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