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This past year has brought many challenges caused by a global pandemic impacting our economy and lifestyles. Despite it all, FEWA remains committed to keeping our community safe and supported with every decision we make. As we move through this pandemic together, I want to thank each of you for your hard work and perseverance, and to reflect on what guides our decision-making during this challenging time.


Join us in-person or live-stream, June 11-12, 2021, at the 2021 FEWA National Conference. This year’s can’t-miss conference features a faculty of numerous outstanding speakers including active trial attorneys from Texas, California and Illinois. More information on the program, speakers, and credit hours coming soon!

FEWA Member Spotlight

FEWA member, Rick Ellis has been involved in the management and operation of apartments and other residential rental real estate, handling a portfolio as large as 6,000 units in four major markets since 1980. In addition to his management experience, he is also recognized as an industry expert in apartment marketing, property positioning, and evaluation of rental markets and sub-markets throughout the country. A strong public speaker, Mr. Ellis makes hundreds of presentations each year on topics from basic apartment leasing and resident retention to the “Economics of Apartments.” Read more about Rick below.

Industry News

Expert witnesses play a critical role in the judicial process. The testimony of these professionals can swing juries, educate judges on complex technical subjects, and ultimately win lawsuits. Expert witness opportunities are available for individuals with advanced expertise in any discipline – from master plumbers to leading neurosurgeons – the diversity of civil litigation means that there is a consistent demand for experts in every industry. In return for their assistance, expert witnesses receive compensation from the attorney who retains them. This compensation can vary based on the type of work done, and is negotiated between the expert and attorney directly. So what does it take to be retained as an expert witness on a case? 

If you’re searching for an expert witness, you’ve no doubt discovered that finding the perfect candidate is a daunting task. The types of experts that can be retained are as varied as the subjects that can be litigated, expert directories are full of recycled experts paying exorbitant listing fees for your click, and search engines produce millions of moderately relevant results for any expert witness query.

This post addresses questions from defenders who are seeking to challenge the admissibility of expert testimony under NC Rule of Evidence 702. See the nuts and bolts of how and when to make a 702 challenge for attorneys who haven’t yet challenged expert testimony. All defenders should read the NC Superior Court Judges’ Benchbook, Criminal Evidence: Expert Testimony prior to challenging expert testimony for an in-depth analysis of this topic with cites to the relevant caselaw.

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You must have seen experts testifying for factual evidence in court, but did you know you could become an expert witness in your respective field? Explore a list of expert witness jobs where you can choose one that fits your skillset. Did you know you can share your expertise in your respective field to earn more than $300 per hour? Sounds astonishing, but whichever profession you belong to, you can register yourself as an expert witness and make some extra money.

How have large law firms survived and thrived in a remote working environment? The answer involves both going back to basics while also embracing new ways of doing business. A recent virtual gathering of legal industry experts discussed how law firm management and business development have evolved in a digital world.

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