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Since 1995, Claudia Lezell has owned and operated Inspections Too, Inc., a full-time floor covering inspection and consulting service. Her extensive work as part of numerous forensic floor covering failure teams has also given her “hands-on” experience in a myriad of major floor failure cases. Ms. Lezell has also had the privilege to work alongside some of the most recognized, published, and experienced technical experts in the field. She holds a degree in deaf education and her years of teaching experience has exposed her to several methods of teaching techniques. Read more about Claudia below. 

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Videoconferencing has skyrocketed in popularity because of the pandemic. Just check Zoom’s stock.  Seemingly overnight, what used to be an irregular method of business communication has become commonplace. Courts have embraced the craze, frequently holding hearings and other meetings by video. But there are limits to what a court can permissibly accomplish by video. 

When a personal injury case is complex and difficult to prove, you and your lawyer may need to consider hiring an expert witness. Their technical knowledge and experience could be the key to building a strong case.

Industry News

We live in a complex global economy and, as such, lawsuits and investigations are often centered on technical and financial issues. The attorneys representing clients in these disputes are hired for their legal prowess and industry experience, but the simple fact is that even the most astute litigator cannot be a subject matter in every issue a client may be facing. It’s for this reason that attorneys turn to professionals with the requisite expertise to support them in achieving success in their cases.

Professional, scientific, and technical fields differ not only in the problems they seek to solve, but also in the methodologies they use to analyze problems and describe results. Though both the Daubert and Frye standards leave room for differing methodologies from different fields, neither standard adopts an “anything goes” approach. Rather, both delineate criteria for evaluating a particular expert witness’s methodology in court. Expert witnesses who understand how these standards function to analyze admissible methodology will be well prepared for a smooth expert qualification process.

Recently-signed California legislation SB 1146 immediately modifies the California Code of Civil Procedure on electronic service and remote depositions. Additionally, SB 1146 extends certain civil deadlines for the duration of the COVID-19 state of emergency, plus 180 days after the emergency ends.

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