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We are only two short days away from the 2020 FEWA National Conference, offered in-person or live stream. Attendees can look forward to two days of unparalleled and advanced educational programming. Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to safely network with other experts, consultants, attorneys, and legal professionals.

Not registered? Although registration for the in-person event has closed, registration is still open for the live stream experience. Enjoy presentations and networking from the comforts of home. Don’t worry about Zoom fatigue! The Conference Program has several planned breaks throughout each day so you can recharge.









FEWA’s Certified Forensic Litigation Consultant (CFLC) certification sets CFLC certificants above the rest. CFLC certificants exhibit the experience and knowledge expected of an expert or consultant, giving an attorney the confidence needed when selecting an expert. If you’re an expert, take the time to learn more about the CFLC Certification to see if it’s the right next step for your professional development. If you’re an attorney, look for CFLC in members’ designations or on their FEWA online profile to help give you the confidence you need when sifting through experts. 

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Dr. John D. Jarrell is an experienced multi-discipline biomedical engineer and doctor of medical science specializing in consultation and expert opinions. His expertise includes the analysis of complex systems, designs and failures involving materials, mechanical, medical systems and warnings. As a licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer, he is actively involved in design, product development and research. He earned three degrees from Brown University, a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Materials Science and Engineering and a Doctorate in Biology, Medical Science and Engineering and received Medical training in histology, physiology, microbiology and pathology. Read more about John below. 

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Becoming an expert witness offers a wealth of opportunities to build your CV, share knowledge about your field, and understand how key issues related to your work play out in real-life legal scenarios. Before accepting an expert witness opportunity, however, it’s important to understand the scope of the work and time involved. Here, we’ll walk through several questions to ask before agreeing to serve as an expert witness.

As an expert witness, it’s your specific expertise that provides an essential service to litigators. In turn, the fees you charge depend on your experience, the specialty required by the hiring attorney, and a number of other case-specific factors. The structure of your fees will also vary based on the type and timing of expert service you are providing. Even your payment forms can vary—regular invoicing and retainer agreements being among the most popular options.

In recent years, technological innovation has both improved and disrupted our everyday lives, especially for those involved in claims and litigation. Recovered data is proving to be more effective in resolving claims and assigning liability, with expert witnesses everywhere welcoming the reliability of such data; however, the quality and volume of data available can at times prove difficult to process. 

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For professionals looking to expand into expert consultation, it’s important to be aware of the different roles and expert types involved in legal proceedings. An expert’s role can be thought of as a sports broadcaster covering a basketball season. They’re on the sidelines commenting on strategy and helping the audience understand key moments of a live game. They can also offer a more analytical look at a game by offering player or team statistics. Often, they’ll be asked to weigh in on the technical aspects of a controversial foul during the broadcast or on a post-game show where the hosts may challenge their assumptions. And of course, they write blogs and articles to report on season-long game outcomes.

COVID-19 has unfortunately led to many doctors experiencing salary cuts, getting laid off, or struggling to save their practices. Overall demand for doctors through recruiter engagement has declined by over 30% since March. Of independently practicing physicians, over half reported that they were worried about the sustainability of their practices amidst COVID-19. In spite of this, there are some types of jobs and consultant physician work for which the demand is actually increasing because of the pandemic. This includes both clinical and nonclinical opportunities, with a broad range of work settings and organization types.

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