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If you haven't already, save $50 on the FEWA National Conference, August 28-29, 2020 in Houston when you register by July 10. This year’s two-day conference will provide advanced training skills for all levels and disciplines of experts and forensic consultants. Learn key topics and issues of importance to attorneys and expert witnesses while earning up to 12.75 Hours, including 1 hour of Ethics in MCLE credits.

FEWA is closely monitoring COVID-19 information and working with the CDC regarding the possibility of the future events. Based on the information we have today, the 2020 FEWA National Conference is still scheduled to take place August 28-29, 2020 in Houston. We will continue to provide updates as necessary. 


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Join FEWA for the next installment of the FEWA Virtual Academy series on Wednesday, July 16 at 1:00 pm PT! The program, Utilizing Existing and Emerging Technologies to Maximize Juror Connection, will be presented by Senior Managing Directors at Ankura, Erica Massaro-Hales and Chad Paulin. 

The Forensic Expert Witness Association offers webinars specifically tailored to the continuing education of expert witnesses. The FEWA Webinar series is free for all FEWA members and offered at the low price of $30 for non-members. The webinars are created to fit within the CFLC Core Program.      

Webinars and virtual chapter meetings are open to all members and non-members.  

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Rick Ellis received a Bachelor of Science in 1977 and Masters of Art in 1979 from Abilene Christian University, Abilene, Texas. He holds the Certified Property Manager (CPM) designation from the Institute of Real Estate Management. EPMS has earned the prestigious Accredited Management Organization (AMO) designation from that same association. Mr. Ellis is a licensed Real Estate Broker in Texas as well as an Eagle Scout. Read more about Rick below.      

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Industry News

As more professionals are work from home, remote depositions will continue to rise in popularity and usage. As an expert witness, you need to follow these best practices to improve your presentation and performance to maintain your credibility and authority.

When it comes to practicing law, time is always of the essence and legal professionals are constantly perfecting the art of time management. Especially as many operations have transitioned to virtual formats, attorneys are facing novel challenges as they juggle several cases, meet with multiple clients, and maintain court deadlines. Expert witnesses are also subject to many of these same pressures, especially when preparing expert reports or consulting on case matters.

With many states remaining under stay-at-home advisement, liability attorneys have delayed various in-person actions, including depositions. It’s not easy to depose a witness while maintaining six feet of distance, especially if exhibits need to be exchanged. And any fan of courtroom drama knows that attorneys have honed their deposition skills in person, making virtual platforms less preferable. 

Avant Advisory Group
SZ Paralegal Services, LLC

As an attorney-CPA credentialed in business valuation, I have had the opportunity both to be the “expert” sitting in the witness chair and to be the lawyer doing the cross-examination. I have also had the advantage of being buyer or seller counsel on many “real world” transactions. 

Defendants in criminal cases get to decide whether remote testimony will be allowed. That six-to-zero decision was issued Monday by the Michigan Supreme Court. The court said video testimony can violate a defendant’s right to confront opposing witnesses. Both the US and Michigan constitutions have confrontation clauses. 

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