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Join FEWA for the next installment of the FEWA Virtual Academy series on Wednesday, May 21 at 1:00 pm PT! The program, Smart Ways to Virtually Market Expert Services During the COVID-19 Era and Beyond, will be presented by new business expert, Jim Duffy.

The Forensic Expert Witness Association offers webinars specifically tailored to the continuing education of expert witnesses. The FEWA Webinar series is free for all FEWA members and offered at the low price of $30 for non-members. The webinars are created to fit within the CFLC Core Program.

Webinars and virtual chapter meetings are open to all members and non-members.


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Pamela has over thirty years’ experience in decorative and fine arts. She owned and operated galleries in San Francisco, San Diego and Paris, France. Her career includes a ten-year residence in Paris where she managed a gallery on the rue de L’Université in the famous Carré Rive Gauche. She also worked as consultant to a Parisian auction house and archivist for an international art investment firm based in Switzerland. Read more about Pamela below.

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Selecting an expert witness is no easy task for an attorney. An expert’s expertise, education, experience, and fees are all important factors to consider in preparing a case. However, there are also more niche factors of expert selection that require careful consideration. When choosing to retain either a local or nationally recognized expert witness, it’s crucial to consider your case matter and location.

Expert witnesses who participate in mediation typically do so in order to explain or clarify complex technical or scientific issues. Even though expert witnesses are permitted to opine in mediations, in practice, they are rarely called to participate. Bringing an expert witness on board effectively, however, can have a powerful effect on the results of mediation. The right expert, properly prepared, can help the mediator and the parties understand key facts that affect the outcome of a case.

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Employee Covid-19 infections at businesses reopening despite the ongoing pandemic could trigger a flood of workers’ compensation claims, potentially overwhelming some state systems, law professors said. Workers’ compensation systems that process injury and illness claims seeking cash and medical benefits generally don’t have the bandwidth to handle surges of claims that insurers or employers contest—which may become the norm with Covid-19 claims, the scholars said.

What makes an expert witness persuasive to a jury? Is it their background and training? The work that they did on the case? Their communication skills in teaching the jury? The research suggests that expert influence depends on a variety of factors, and a scale even exists to measure these factors: the Expert Persuasion Expectancy (ExPEx) framework. That framework includes many of the variables that experts and the attorneys who sponsor them would expect: Foundation, Field, Specialty, Ability, Opinion, Support, Consistency, and Trustworthiness. Even as the items are potentially unsurprising, it is still helpful to keep the whole list in mind.

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