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The Forensic Expert Witness Association is committed to providing our members with the appropriate tools and resources to respond to the growing concern regarding coronavirus (COVID-19). Based on what we know today and following guidance of the World Health Organization (WHO), U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we are POSTPONING the 2020 FEWA National Conference until August 28-29, 2020.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates and additional guidance as necessary. Our priority is the safety of attendees, speakers, and the venue staff. At this time, the conference committee is working to secure as many of the speakers as possible.


Join FEWA for an installment of the FEWA Virtual Academy series on Wednesday, April 15 at 1:00 pm PT! The program, When Once is Not Enough - Getting More Expert Witness Business, will be presented by FEWA Member, Toby Edwards. 

The Forensic Expert Witness Association offers webinars specifically tailored to the continuing education of expert witnesses. The FEWA Webinar series are free for all FEWA members and offered at the low price of $30 for non-members. The webinars are created to fit within the CFLC Core Program

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Randy Sugarman is the managing partner of Sugarman & Company, LLP, which he founded in 1977. He provides litigation support to both defense and plaintiff legal counsel, and he has prepared extensive financial analyses. Mr. Sugarman also provides expert witness testimony on management and financial issues, and he serves as a financial consultant in workout and bankruptcy situations. He has assumed management responsibilities, implemented cost controls, negotiated with creditors, and supervised the orderly liquidation of assets. Read more about Randy below.

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With courts adopting varied approaches to COVID-19, parties need to remain mindful of pending deadlines and monitor each court independently. While remote technology might provide good alternate solutions to traditionally in-person discovery and courtroom procedures, it is important to document challenges complying with those deadlines as some courts might not be as sympathetic as others when extensions are sought.

The expert may find himself in an exposed and vulnerable situation. He may be criticized by the solicitor instructing him, by the expert and the solicitor on the other side, in cross-examination by counsel on the other side, and even by the judge, whose criticism may appear in the judgment and the published law report. Anything and everything may be criticized. 

During cases where someone’s mental state is brought into question, it is vital that they are adequately assessed to see if there is an underlying cause for their criminal behaviour. A Psychiatric Expert Witness can help you gain a better understanding of someone’s mental state around the time a crime was committed, as well as prove culpability or establish grounds of diminished responsibility.

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As a result of the pandemic expert witnesses are facing many challenges including the postponement of assignments,depositions and trials. After taking care of their family and themselves. what can expert witnesses do during this period?

Expert witnesses often find themselves taking on the role of teacher. An essential part of their task on the stand is to teach the judge or jury about a particular topic. To teach effectively though, many experts benefit from the use of visual aids in the courtroom.

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Apr 2020
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Aug 2020
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Aug 2020
August 28-29, 2020 
FEWA 2020 National Conference    
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