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The FEWA National Conference offers up to 12.75 credit hours, including 1 hour of Ethics in MCLE credits.


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Michael Canaan is Board Certified by the American Society for Industrial Security, as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and the Forensic Expert Witness Association as a Certified Forensic Litigation Consultant (CFLC). With over 40 years of extensive investigative and security experience, Mr. Canaan is retained as a Forensic Expert Witness in Federal and State courts regarding security management related practices and procedures, liability, negligence, electronic security methodology, and investigative malpractice.   

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Expert witnesses are used in nearly every complex, high-stakes legal case, from financial litigation to medical malpractice. It’s common for law firms to have a stable of expert witnesses they like and use regularly. “We have a number of lists of good people we have used before,” says Braden Perry, partner at Kansas City-based law firm Kennyhertz Perry LLC. Perry is in the unique position being both an experienced lawyer and an expert witness who has worked on securities and cryptocurrency cases.

The Colorado Supreme Court announced this week that it will decide whether expert witness testimony by those who are not familiar with the case at hand is permissible in domestic violence trials, if the testimony does not adhere to the facts of the case.

So much of litigation and trial work these days comes down to the proverbial “battle of the experts.” While the prospect of cross-examining a well-credentialed expert may seem daunting at first, there are basic steps you can—and should—take to give yourself an edge. This list will serve as a practical starting point to begin developing creative points for an effective cross-examination of the other side’s expert.

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Serving as an expert witness in legal cases can be a way to apply, flex, and grow your business expertise. It can also be a fruitful part-time gig. This is a fertile area for experts on compensation, banking and finance, ergonomics, computer science, artificial intelligence, and other business-related disciplines, as well as for experts in the more degreed disciplines like psychology and medicine.

More than 20 years ago, Veronica Castellana, RN, BSN, EMLS, had been working as an Emergency Room nurse for several years when she developed a major hypersensitive allergy to latex. Since it was used extensively in the nursing field at the time, she needed to leave her job and find another one—preferably in the nursing field.

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