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We are eight weeks out from the FEWA National Conference, April 17-18 at the South Texas College of Law Houston. The two-day conference will feature a wide range of dynamic sessions, designed with you in mind. It’s a conference for experts and attorneys, presented by experts and attorneys. Learn more and register on the conference website.

We’re excited to continue highlighting one of our featured conference speakers, Mr. Joe Jaworski. Joe will present, "The Experts Role in ADR” on April 17 at 1:00 pm CT. 


Join FEWA April 17-18 in Houston for a unique two-day learning and networking experience at the 2020 National Conference. Be sure to register by March 1 to save $50 on registration!

Attorneys, legal professionals, and expert witnesses gather annually for the FEWA National Conference - the Conference for Experts in all fields and of all experience levels.

We will be featuring a faculty of 18 outstanding speakers including Chief Justice Nathan Hecht, nationally renowned attorney Chip Babcock, and United States District Judge, David Hittner.

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Katherine is an art consultant providing collection & asset management needs to individuals, corporations, non-profits, museums & UHNW. Services include acquisition, appraisal, brokerage, curating, interior design, estate planning, estate sales, expert witness testimony, exhibition lending, asset management, speaking appearances, & art & antique collecting tours. Nationwide clients have relied on Katherine for extended projects, including collection management, lending programs, & interior design with an asset appreciation focus incorporating art, furniture & unique objects. Read more about Katherine below.

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Get referrals to highly qualified medical and technical experts from our expansive network or browse CV's - free. We help attorneys find the right expert and win legal cases in less than 15 minutes, saving time and money. Speak with them on the phone and conflict check them - free.
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What makes an expert witness persuasive to a jury? Is it their background and training? The work that they did on the case? Their communication skills in teaching the jury? The research suggests that expert influence depends on a variety of factors, and a scale even exists to measure these factors: the Expert Persuasion Expectancy (ExPEx) framework.

Psychological tests are important instruments used in courts to aid legal decisions that profoundly affect people's lives. They can help determine anything from parental fitness for child custody, to the sanity or insanity of a person at the time of a crime, to eligibility for capital punishment.

Since the first use of fingerprints to identify and convict a murderer, in 1892, detectives the world over have come to rely heavily on print evidence to build their cases against suspects. One limit on the value of fingerprints, though, is that it is hard to work out how old they are. .

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In the realm of civil litigation over jail deaths in Utah, expert witnesses and an experienced cadre of private defense attorneys paid by a government indemnity pool usually play dominant and often decisive roles.

Casetext has developed an automated legal-writing product that purports to create an entire document with just a few simple clicks of the mouse. The technology called Compose, which publicly launched today, automates the first draft of a legal brief or motion, dramatically reducing the hours attorneys need to spend producing a motion, according to San Francisco-based Casetext.

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