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Only nine weeks until the FEWA National Conference, April 17-18 at the South Texas College of Law Houston. The two-day conference will feature a wide range of dynamic sessions, designed with you in mind. It’s a conference for experts and attorneys, presented by experts and attorneys. Learn more and register on the conference website.

We’re excited to continue highlighting one of our featured conference speakers, Mr. Benny Agosto. Benny will present, “Role of the Expert in American Justice” on April 17 at 8:35 am CT. 


Join FEWA April 17-18 in Houston for a unique two-day learning and networking experience at the 2020 National Conference. Be sure to register by March 1 to save $50 on registration! 

Attorneys, legal professionals, and expert witnesses gather annually for the FEWA National Conference - the Conference for Experts in all fields and of all experience levels. 

We will be featuring a faculty of 18 outstanding speakers including Chief Justice Nathan Hecht, nationally renowned attorney Chip Babcock, and United States District Judge, David Hittner. 

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Edward J. Priz has served as an expert witness and consultant on issues of Workers Compensation insurance premiums, audits, classifications, experience modification factors, Retrospective Rating, large deductible policies, payroll audits, NCCI manual rules, WCIRB manual rules, NYCIRB rules, NJCRIB rules, manual rules in other states, and insurance agent/broker standards of care, in both federal and state courts, and in legal hearings before state insurance regulators. Read more about Edward below.

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As previously noted in this column, our system of justice relies heavily on the testimony of witnesses to find truth. That testimony comes in two basic flavors — lay witness testimony and expert witness testimony. 

Since the first use of fingerprints to identify and convict a murderer, in 1892, detectives the world over have come to rely heavily on print evidence to build their cases against suspects. One limit on the value of fingerprints, though, is that it is hard to work out how old they are. 

Here’s a thought on picking experts at trial. Do not necessarily pick the most qualified person. Pick the expert who will resonate with the jury.

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California Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) announced a new bill that he hopes will reduce the number of people who are wrongfully convicted and imprisoned in the state.

In medical malpractice cases, as in other specialties that involve complicated medical, technical or scientific evidence, expert witness testimony is typically required and is often a crucial component of the jury trial.

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