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FEWA is excited about what we have planned for 2020 and want you to be part of it. Whether you’re a current FEWA member, an expert or consultant thinking about joining FEWA, or an attorney or legal professional who uses expert witness services--FEWA is here for you. FEWA is unique; as a non-profit organization, our goal is to provide professional development, ethics, and promotion of forensic consultants in all fields of discipline. Through education, peer-to-peer relationships, certification, and our online directory, FEWA teaches you how to obtain AND be prepared for your next job! 


Join FEWA April 17-18 in Houston for a unique two-day learning and networking experience at the 2020 National Conference. Be sure to register by March 1 to save $50 on registration!

Attorneys, legal professionals, and expert witnesses gather annually for the FEWA National Conference - the Conference for Experts in all fields and of all experience levels. 

We will be featuring a faculty of 18 outstanding speakers including Chief Justice Nathan Hecht, nationally renowned attorney Chip Babcock, and United States District Judge, David Hittner. 

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For over 42 years, Craig Gilbert has been a professional appraiser and real estate consultant in Southern California. He has testified in California, Nevada and Texas in State and Federal Courts as an expert witness on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants. Mr. Gilbert taught the State of California's Dept. of Financial Institution's bank examiners how to identify appraisal and mortgage fraud. He was a key expert witness and consultant on behalf of the FDIC on 2 major Federal Court Cases. He was awarded the President's award by the Worldwide ERC for development of the 2010 Summary Appraisal Report. He is also a co-founder of RAC - Relocation Appraisers and Consultants. Read More about Craig below.   

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In cases where a person’s mental state is an important factor in a case, enlisting an expert witness can help to assess and highlight any potential links between someone’s behaviour and their frame of mind.

Year on year, technology has only grown and advanced, seeing an increase in online crimes. As technology has changed, so has the way crime has been committed - and the way in which it is investigated.

So, you followed the advice in Part 1 over at the White Coat Investor and you talked to your colleague who does medical expert witness work. You even created a fee-schedule and a CV to send to an attorney’s office after your colleague sent you a potential case. To your surprise, they actually said yes. You request a retainer, and they comply. It all sounds great, but now what? 

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The role of an expert witness is to present unbiased testimony that helps the fact finders understand technical or complicated issues at hand in a case. Although it may be tempting to use a heavy hand when preparing your experts to testify in court—particularly for those experts who are new to the litigation process—it’s imperative to avoid “coaching” your expert to adjust their opinions in a way that benefits your case.

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Jan 2020
5:30 pm – 7:45 pm (MT) 
Jan 2020
5:30 pm – 8:00 pm (PT)
Orange County  
Feb 2020
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Feb 2020
Mar 2020
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm (PT)
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Apr 2020
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm (PT)
Orange County
Apr 2020
April 17-18, 2020
May 2020

As a professional (I’m a lawyer), I understand time is your most valuable asset. I also know that starting and building your digital brand, is one of the most important things you can do to expand your practice, help more people, and increase profits. In this new post for 2020, I show you how to protect your time while, at the same time, maximize the building of your brand by sharing content across all the top platforms.

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