The Forensic Expert Witness

Join FEWA for an installment of the FEWA Virtual Academy series TODAY, Wednesday, August 14th at 1:00 PM PT! The program, More Effective Courtroom Testimony, will be presented by FEWA Member Mitchell Lathrop.

This presentation will focus on and answer the following questions:
• When is expert testimony necessary or mandatory?
• Expert Qualifications
• The Daubert Trilogy
• The Frye Rule
• Essentials for the Expert -Whether a consultant or testifying expert
• The Expert Report and Deposition
• Preparation for Trial

The Forensic Expert Witness Association offers webinars specifically tailored to the continuing education of expert witnesses. The FEWA Webinar series are free for all FEWA members, and offered at the low price of $30 for non members. The webinars are created to fit within the CFLC Core Program.


FEWA Virtual Networking is back for another program in September! The next installment of the FEWA Virtual Networking series will be held on Wednesday, September 18 at 1:00 PM PT.

Stay tuned for more information!

The FEWA Virtual Networking series provides a platform for FEWA members to meet each other online and connect regardless of location. Experts are able to discuss expert witness best practices, share experiences, provide referrals, and have the opportunity to build relationships with other members nationwide.

Please note that space is limited and available for FEWA members only.

Roughan & Associates at LINC
Arc & Line, LLC
FEWA Member Spotlight

Sam Iler is a new member of FEWA's San Diego Chapter.

Sam Iler, lead expert witness and the founder and principal of SafeCon, has more than 35 years of industry experience. To provide a credible, definitive, and demonstrable account of the technical information required to achieve the resolution of a dispute, Mr. Iler makes use of his decades of knowledge in construction and job site safety.

Mr. Iler is a licensed General Contractor (CA) with over 35 years of construction experience from tradesman through contractor, has earned a Business Degree, and holds the professional certifications of CHST, CSHM and NCCCO Crane Operator/Examiner.

To learn more about Sam, visit his FEWA Profile! Please join us in welcoming Sam to FEWA!

Timothy Wellman is a new member of FEWA's San Diego Chapter.

Timothy is an executive land professional with over 35 years of experience managing all aspects of land acquisition due diligence, land forward planning, land development private & public bids, land development management to design, develop and deliver finished lots to support the divisions business plan.

To learn more about Timothy, visit his FEWA Profile! Please join us in welcoming Timothy to FEWA!


Find Expert Witnesses for Your Legal Case
Consolidated Consultants Company
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Introverts are those who tend to spend a lot of time focused inward rather than seeking out constant input from others. If you’re an introverted entrepreneur or are thinking about jumping into the business world, here are some networking tips specifically for this type of personality.

Industry News

After a deposition, I had an epiphany. I saw the litigation process from the expert witness’ perspective and learned how much valuable information had been left undiscovered, by both sides of the action, due to the routine approach to expert witnesses. My first expert witness deposition changed the way I work with experts.

When it comes to working with an expert or expert witness, there can be a lot of moving parts to keep track of. You have to determine how an expert can be a guide to you and support your research while also being fully aware of the entire legal environment surrounding you. Navigating a relationship with an expert can be challenging, but it can be done successfully if you and your expert pay attention to each other throughout the process.

Gould & Pakter Associates LLC
SZ Paralegal Services, LLC

While most people will not need an expert witness in their divorce case, there are always exceptions. While expert witnesses may testify in a variety of fields, most often, the witness is a mental health professional testifying about child custody issues. If a family business is involved, a forensic accountant reviews the company’s financial information to determine a value for settlement purposes. When a divorce concerns a high-net worth individual, various expert witnesses might come in to testify about the worth of items.

The average small business owner is often too busy to be thinking about innovation strategically and probably doesn’t have a large innovation budget to speak of. So how do they innovate? For the small business owner, innovation does not take large budgets or the latest technology. 

Meet An Expert
Ted Simon, LLC
Toxicologist and scientist with expertise in risk assessment, mathematical modeling, statistics, neuroscience, and ecological health. 10+ years at the EPA. 15+ years of teaching and extensive public speaking. Consulting and expert witness experience with alcohol, DUI and dram shop issues, environmental risk, illegal drugs, pharmaceuticals, accidental poisoning, and intellectual property.
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Cellular Networking Perspectives Ltd.
Complete Equity Markets, Inc.

Congratulations to FEWA’s newest Certified Forensic Litigation Consultant (CFLC) credential recipient!

Homer Peterson of the Houston Chapter was granted the professional designation of Certified Forensic Litigation Consultant (CFLC). By virtue of his qualifications as a practicing expert witness, continuing education, participation in FEWA, and passing the CFLC Online Exam; he met the minimum criteria required of Certified Forensic Litigation Consultants.

Are you interested in getting certified? Learn more about the CFLC credential.