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Join FEWA for an installment of the FEWA Virtual Academy on Wednesday, June 19 at 1:00 pm PT! The FEWA Virtual Academy series is free for FEWA Members and $30 for non-members. The third installment of the 2019 Virtual Academy Series will feature Toby Edwards, Senior Recruiter at IMS Expert Services.

This webinar will cover:
* What are Terms and why should you know them?
* Concepts, Tools, and Strategy ‘take-aways’
* Types of Terms
* Using Terms to Negotiate

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Roughan & Associates at LINC
Arc & Line, LLC
FEWA Member Spotlight

Donald Jasko

Donald Jasko is a new member of FEWA's Los Angeles Chapter. Donald A. Jasko is an attorney with a long interest in music and the arts, media, economics and technology. After managing the licensing of music to television broadcasters at ASCAP in New York, Don founded Digital Economics, which administers musical copyrights for publishers and composers of television and ad music.

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Dr. Janeen DeMarte

Dr. Janeen DeMarte is a new member of FEWA’s Arizona Chapter. Dr. Janeen DeMarte is a licensed clinical psychologist currently operating Sentience Psychological Services, PLLC and Sentience, PLLC in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. DeMarte completed both her master’s and Ph.D. in clinical psychology at Michigan State University and fulfilled an APA approved doctoral residency at Arizona State Hospital.

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Isaac Aboulafia

Isaac Aboulafia is a new member of FEWA’s Houston Chapter. Mr. Aboulafia is a registered professional engineer with over 25 years of experience in environmental, environmental remediation and consulting fields. He specializes in feasibility evaluation, design, cost estimating, implementation and construction oversight of soil and groundwater assessment and remediation projects.

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Industry News

The Florida Supreme Court has reversed a prior court’s decision to use a nearly 100-year-old standard on expert witness testimony and instead adopted stricter federal standards currently used by a majority of states.

The safety of convictions secured in more than 20 fraud trials may have to be examined after an expert witness was found to be inadequately qualified.

Gould & Pakter Associates LLC

What one can remember from the past—even the recent past—can vary wildly. Eyewitness testimony has underpinned many of the hundreds of exonerations in this country over the last few decades. Now a pair of Cornell University academics are proposing a new federal rule of evidence based on their “fuzzy-trace theory” of memory.

Should the police be able to investigate your genetic family tree for any crime, no matter how minor? 

Louisiana has joined the vast majority of other states in allowing testimony during criminal trials from experts on eyewitness identification, including its sometimes unreliable nature — a move advocates hope will reduce wrongful convictions.

Meet An Expert
Ted Simon, LLC
Toxicologist and scientist with expertise in risk assessment, mathematical modeling, statistics, neuroscience, and ecological health. 10+ years at the EPA. 15+ years of teaching and extensive public speaking. Consulting and expert witness experience with alcohol, DUI and dram shop issues, environmental risk, illegal drugs, pharmaceuticals, accidental poisoning, and intellectual property.
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