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Join FEWA at the 2019 National Conference, on Friday, April 26 from 1:00-4:00 pm PT, on how to begin your expert witness practice. The “Becoming a Forensic Consultant: Your Next Career” workshop will guide professionals seeking to become expert witnesses on how to make the transition to expert witnessing, defining and marketing your expert practice, and best practices in forensic consulting.

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Join FEWA for an installment of the FEWA Virtual Networking series! The FEWA Virtual Networking series provides a platform for FEWA members to meet each other online and connect regardless of location. Experts will be able to discuss expert witness best practices, share experiences and provide referrals, and have the opportunity to build relationships with other members nationwide. FEWA Virtual Networking is available for FEWA Members only.

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FEWA Chapter News

FEWA Orange County President, Steve Murow, was featured in the California Business Journal for his expertise in all dirt related matters. Congratulations to Steve!

FEWA is proud to have experienced experts like Steve leading chapters at the local and national level.

Industry News

Expert witnesses are key in the courtroom, as more complicated disputes need clear explanation to a jury. But, there’s little agreement on what makes a great witness. GLG Law’s David Solomon gives four characteristics to look for—clear communication, coachability, confidence, and candor.

Do you want to avoid traps that will ruin your expert witness practice? Inexperienced experts may be completely oblivious to these traps. Be wary and learn the rules.

If you’re a professional or in business, you may choose to engage with the legal system as an expert witness. While you or your business’s engagement may not be of a criminal nature, this civil engagement, as it is known, can be as equally stressful. As with most things in life, stress levels can be reduced through preparation and having good guidance.

Gould & Pakter Associates LLC
Crown King Books

The increased presence of surveillance cameras and dash cameras means more car crashes are caught on video than ever before. The availability of this footage helps when investigating and attempting to forensically reconstruct vehicle accidents. While video forensics tools may be able to generate a base frames per second (fps) estimate for a given video clip, investigators can’t necessary rely upon this initial output for the crucial calculation of a vehicle’s speed at the time of a crash without further investigation.

The Superior Court of Pennsylvania on April 9 granted a slip-and-fall plaintiff's request for a new trial on damages that would be assessed against Residence Inn. After a jury verdict in his favor, the plaintiff appealed after the lower court denied his motion for a new trial concerning the damages he would receive. He said the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas should not have excluded the testimony from the only expert Wright presented. The Superior Court agreed and reversed.

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Ted Simon, LLC
Toxicologist and scientist with expertise in risk assessment, mathematical modeling, statistics, neuroscience, and ecological health. 10+ years at the EPA. 15+ years of teaching and extensive public speaking. Consulting and expert witness experience with alcohol, DUI and dram shop issues, environmental risk, illegal drugs, pharmaceuticals, accidental poisoning, and intellectual property.
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