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FEWA Member Susan Maccoy, CFLC authored an article entitled "If You Got a Call from a Future that was Uninformed by Your Present, Would You Take the Call?" that was featured in the Journal of the 2018 Conference for Global Transformation, Volume 18, No. 1.
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Following her attendance of the FEWA 2018 National Conference in San Francisco, FEWA Member and San Diego Chapter Board Member Sandy Highsmith, DMD, FAGD wrote a review of the two presentations given by keynote speaker Jeff T. Makoff of Valle Makoff LLP. These presentations were given on day one of the conference, Friday, April 27 and were entitled: "What Trial Lawyers Look for When Choosing an Expert," and "Interview Skills for Experts: How to Win the Beauty Contest." Click below to read Sandy's full review!

FEWA National Conference


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Save the Date! For the FEWA 2019 National Conference Friday, April 26 and Saturday April 27, 2019. Attorneys, legal professionals, and expert witnesses gather annually for the Forensic Expert Witness Association (FEWA) National Conference -- the Conference for Experts in all fields and of all experience levels. Click below to learn more! 

Industry News

A look at how microscopic evidence from humans, known as “microbial signatures,” is poised to become a new tool in the arsenal of law enforcement, alongside DNA fingerprinting and physical fingerprinting. 

New research shows how the brains of violent criminals actually differ from the average person, which may lead to innovative strategies for reducing recidivism and developing alternatives to incarceration.

Advice on how to overcome hurdles and biases in the courtroom to show you are experienced and trustworthy in each and every case, allowing you to better connect with the jury and judge.

In today’s world, cyber criminals are everywhere, from simple scams to threats on property, information and life. This rise in cyber crime creates a need for evidence-based investigation for information recovery, thereby driving the digital forensics market.

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